NEK (Ghana) Ltd was established in 2003 with the aim of promoting cost effective renewable energy projects across Ghana. We are specialists in wind energy technology and generally in renewable energy and act as energy consultants to organisations, investors and operators throughout the country. 

We are the combined venture of NEK Umwelttechnik AG of Switzerland and Atlantic International Holding Company of Ghana.

Over the past years, we have made considerable investment in ensuring the successful development of several wind parks in the Greater Accra Region and have realised the need to improve and expand as an organisation to meet the growing national demand for our services and for sustainable and clean electricity.


The following services are offered in our field of activities:

  • Choice of location and planning of location for renewable energy projects
  • Pre-project development, project identification
  • Wind measurements and studies of wind potential
  • Energy yield predictions for solar-, geothermal- and wind energy projects
  • Macro and micro-siting of wind farm layouts
  • Emission- and immission predictions (noise, shadow flickering)
  • Project and realisation planning
  • Tendering and contract arrangements
  • Complete approval procedure until building permission


For the implementation of the systems and projects planned by us, the following services are offered:

  • Offer comparison and awarding of contracts
  • Commissioning
  • Control, monitoring and documentation of construction phase
  • Construction and plant inspection
  • Cost and quality control


At the request of several investors, we are conducting project reviews for the purchase of wind energy, solar and solar-thermic projects (due diligences).
These reviews are the basis for decision-making prior to any acquisition. For this purpose we offer the following services:

  • Yield prediction of energy projects
  • Investment cost calculations and checking
  • Cost-effectiveness consideration
  • Site verification and rating
  • Wind prediction and wind modeling
  • Approval procedure
  • Risk management and observation
  • Consultancy and assistance for investors
  • Comprehensive reporting and investment recommendation

At NEK (Ghana) Ltd., we provide the technology and expertise our customers need to meet this growing demand, from wind energy technology to comprehensive consultancy services, advice and support.